Travel Packing Tips

Black opened suitcase with clothing, straw hat and palm leaves in background.

With COVID-29 restrictions easing, many of us are itching to spread our wings again in search of fresh adventures. 
Whilst packing your suitcase is a crucial part of planning your trip, we want it to be easy and fuss free.  Most of us overpack as we consider all the possible situations that could arise.  Truth be told, we rarely wear everything we've packed.  Apart from the inconvenience of dragging around over-sized luggage, it can also get costly with baggage fees.  
However, with a few simple and clever strategies, you can pack relatively light and arrive at your destination fuss-free with everything you need.
Pack lighter than you think
Keep it simple.  Being on holidays is not the same as heading into the office with a different outfit every day.  Work with mix and match pieces and pack 3 tops for every one piece of bottom.  Neutrals are great as they can virtually be matched with most things. If you want a pop of color, accessorise!  Keep shoes to just one pair each of (1) Walking shoes, (2) Casual and (3) Dressy.  Where possible, choose crease-free, wrinkle-proof fabrics that don’t require a lot of ironing.
Pack Like a Pro
Rolling clothing such as knits, t-shirts and jeans can keep items fairly wrinkle-free and save space.  Underwear, socks and swimsuits can be packed in small plastic bags and stored either in the suitcase side pocket or even in the hollow of your shoes to minimise space. For those dressier pieces, you may want to use tissue paper in between layers to keep them from creasing. Pack your heavier pieces near the base of your suitcase, near the wheels, minimising their moving around and then pack your clothes around them.
Carry On Essentials
Pack your most important essentials in your carry-on. Why? In case your luggage goes astray, you have those absolute necessities to keep you going for a fair part of your trip.  Here are the things to ensure you have in your carry-on:-
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Medications
  • Make up to freshen your look
  • Toiletries to freshen up – deodorant, hand cream, band aids, hair elastics.
  • Essential oils – think lavender for headaches; eucalyptus for cleansing; peppermint for energising & uplifting moods
  • Pashmina or wrap
 Don’t Pack the Whole House
Once upon a time, travelling to exotic places meant you had to pack everything you wanted as chances were you may not have found your absolute essentials in these faraway places. These days the world is a much smaller place and you can find almost anything you need in a local supermarket. Don't stress about the little things and be realistic. Most of the time on holidays, we can all do without what feels like an absolute must at home.  
Enjoy your holiday