Our Story

Our love of travel started as young siblings when our parents used their life savings to take their 3 young children back home to their birth place to meet the family they left behind 20 years earlier, and whom we had never met.

Europe sparked a lifelong passion to travel, to learn, to explore and to experience other cultures, other lives, different beliefs. We were so inspired that we continued to travel and explore other continents in this magnificent globe.

On that first overseas trip, we had 2 pieces of hand luggage made of the finest, quality leather that was gifted to us. Those bags took us around the world and back on more than one occasion. Decades later, we still own and use these timeless stylish bags. Whilst they are now vintage pieces, they have endured the test of time and inspired another passion of ours which is beautiful premium quality and timeless leather pieces.

Our love of both travel and elegant leather goods has led us to create In Volo & Co.   When designing and creating our products, we aim to produce beautiful, modern and enduring pieces that are also thoughtful, stylish and functional. 

In Volo is the Italian word meaning "in flight". Our luxury leather goods are designed to follow you on your journeys, across the oceans, on land and everywhere in between in life.