Leather and Care Tips

At In Volo we value quality and believe in using only the most premium leather to craft your Travel Wallets. Premium leather ensures longevity and the natural ageing process reveals its true beauty as it softens with use. 
Why caring for your leather travel wallet is essential
  • A well conditioned and maintained leather travel wallet can last for years 
  • Caring for your wallet means you're doing your bit to minimise waste and protect the environment
  • Being a natural product, leather is bio-degradable
  • It feels awesome to have a stylish, well-cared for travel wallet that takes you from one adventure to another.

Storing your Travel Wallet

To protect your Travel Wallet we recommend storing it in its original dust bag in a cool, dry place when not in use. Light and heat can fade and age leather prematurely.

How to clean my leather Travel Wallet?

Three everyday things that could damage your leather wallet are dirt, moisture, and dryness.
      1. To clean dirt from the leather, simply use a damp cloth to wipe the dirt or stain. If it has already set in, use a leather conditioner to remove the dirt. Avoid soaps and detergents and only use products specifically for leather.
      2. To remove moisture simply wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth. Allow to dry at room temperature. Avoid direct heat such as a hairdryer. This will damage the leather.
      3. If your wallet shows signs of cracking, it’s a clear sign of dryness. Leather needs a bit of moisture to regain its smoothness just like your own skin.  Use a quality leather conditioning cream or solution regularly (every 4-6 weeks, if you use your wallet regularly) to keep your leather soft and supple.  If you are using a cleaning product for the first time, conduct a patch test first on an inconspicuous part of the bag. If any discolouration occurs, wipe the surface clean immediately and discontinue use.